About Me

Hey there, business owners and fellow online marketers, I welcome you to the Evolution Generation. My name is Bryan, and I made this website for sharing my knowledge about SEO and information technology. If you are confused about what strategy you should use for your business, or you’re merely eyeing SEO in particular, then you are in the right place! Feel free to ask me questions and start discussions; I’m more than happy to help!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very complicated strategy, and there’s no correct approach. That is why it is essential to have your business analyzed first to form a concrete SEO plan that would genuinely work. This blog aims to enlighten people about the benefits of SEO and its positive effects on businesses.

As far as qualifications go, I am more than qualified to give business-minded people tips and tricks due to my experience. I have helped many websites launch their career with ease, and I’m sure that you can also achieve the same with my help.

While you’re here, you should expect to gain a better understanding of different SEO techniques such as keyword use, content creation, and even web design. Information technology is also up in my alley, so I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about the topic as well.

Most business owners are driven and blinded by the statement “SEO success is defined by great content,” While it’s partially true, everyone shouldn’t be thinking about it this way. Sure, content is also an essential aspect of any SEO strategy, but there are more features to consider when thinking about increasing traffic, and it’s not great content alone. For instance, website design contributes very high to the audience and customer retention. If great content is partnered with a poorly designed and optimized website, then everything is useless.

Great content can’t also find its way at the top of any search engine without the help of keywords. A poorly optimized keyword set could ruin the great content as it would only be left on the website rotting, without any traffic generation.

What I’m saying is, the idea that SEO is all about great content is a big lie, and I’m here to change that. Using my knowledge, I will give out many tips and tricks for better content generation, keyword optimization, cleaner website layout, etc.

I believe that successful blogs and business websites won’t be where they are today without SEO, and that alone should be enough push for you to take it a lot more seriously, and hey, you’re not alone, as I’m here with you to help you with the process!