How to Increase Organic Website Traffic

The main goal of SEO is to expose a website to the internet as often as possible. However, this can’t be done with a simple click of a button. It requires countless hours of work and many people collaborating. If you or your team struggles with SEO in general, then here are some useful tips that you should implement right away.

Content evaluation

Websites, especially blogs, are all about content. Evaluating the content available on a website is very important as it would give an insight to the owner of what content is missing and what more is needed to be added. Linking pages and topics with one another is also an effective strategy to use; however, you should be very careful as it should come naturally.

Email marketing and newsletter

Getting your clients’ email is very valuable as it is an easy gateway to their attention, especially those that are very active on the platform. While it can come up as an annoying strategy, email marketing is still beneficial as it reminds your previous audiences that your website or business still exists.

Providing a newsletter service is also a useful and positive feature since customers and audiences can be updated with your website without visiting it directly. Newsletters can be scheduled or sent in random intervals; it is always up to the business owner what pacing would be sufficient for the user base.

Use internal links

Aside from bringing more traffic to recent content, as aforementioned, internal links are also an effective way to provide context to newcomers and those that have forgotten the past contents and updates. In short, you’re again doing your audiences a big favor by including internal links on every newer content post.

Add media to text posts

Search engines nowadays also include video results on each query, so adding media, specifically videos on a text post, can quickly increase your website’s traffic by a bunch. It would also be a lot more effective if the topic in question is trending, and with the right timing, it could even catapult your website into the spotlight. Videos that will be uploaded should be original and make sense. Otherwise, no one would even bother to watch them.

Respond and discuss with your audience

Audience interaction is also significant to keep them coming back for your website. In this case, you should do your best to help and answer every query positively and kindly to maintain a good reputation and protect your brand. Discussions are also critical as it is an easy way to gather more suggestions from people who genuinely know your website.


With enough practice and timing, you can easily make your website a lot better than before. Consider all these tips, and you can expect better and larger traffic for your website in the coming days and weeks! Do this frequently, and you’ll be able to snowball your advantage.